Arigato Automation

App Integration in Arigato Automation


Connect your Shopify store with Airtable to effortlessly organize and manage your data in a powerful spreadsheet tool.

Custom Actions

Create personalized actions that cater to the unique needs of your Shopify store with the Custom Actions integration.


Send automated emails from your Shopify store using the Email integration.


Send order confirmation emails directly from your Shopify store using Gmail integration.

Google Sheets

Connect your Shopify store with Google Sheets to automatically import and update data for easy management and analysis.


Automatically trigger actions in other apps or services based on events within your Shopify store using IFTTT integration.
Klaviyo Icon


Sync customer data and automate personalized email marketing campaigns with Klaviyo.


Automatically sync your customer data with Mailchimp to effortlessly manage your email marketing campaigns.


The SendGrid integration enables Shopify store owners to send personalized emails and newsletters to their customers.

Shopify Flow

Automate your Shopify store with custom workflows using the Shopify Flow integration.


Connect your Shopify store to Slack and receive real-time notifications and alerts for new orders, inventory updates, and customer inquiries.

SMS (Text Message)

Send automated text messages to customers to provide updates on orders, promotions, and more with the SMS (Text Message) integration.