Arigato Automation makes it easier to manage your Shopify Store

Run your store, your way. Use flexible automations to build workflows 
that save you time and money. Mix and match no code and low code.

When an Order is Paid
Send an Email
Add Rows to a Google Spreadsheet
Archive Order
Workflow Complete

We've earned their trust...
and we hope to earn yours

Arigato can help across your entire Shopify Store

  • Email
    Email marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Order tracking and notifications
  • Customer communication
  • Order fulfillment
  • Integration with external platforms
  • Fraud prevention and risk management
  • Customer tagging and segmentation
  • Product management and organization

Run workflows at just
the right time

Complementary workflow setup for every customer

Just let us know what you’re trying to do 
and our team will put together a custom
workflow just for you in about one 
business day.

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